Notes from reddit kqr user.

  1. Pin down your audience. Are they comfortable with the subject?

  2. Decide how far you want to take your audience. Do you want to reaffirm the little they know about the subject? Do you want to make them power users? Do you want to gently introduce them to the theory? Do you want to take them through only the theory?

  3. Create a roadmap from your audience to your goal for them. Beginning from what they know, how are you going to lead them through what they don’t know? The more specific you can be here, the better. Create a user-friendly version of this and include it at the top of each post!

  4. Remember to keep your posts coherent all the way through. Each post should be a logical succession from the previous one. This is where the roadmap comes in handy – it stops you from wanting to write everything about everything in the first few posts.

  5. Decide how much you want to hand-hold your audience through the experience. Are you willing to sacrifice time and brevity for taking it very gently, or do you want to write a series which drags the audience along through all the amazingness you want to show them?

  6. Mind the time and space you have set out for yourself. If you only want to write 2000 words, you shouldn’t try to cover too much. When you have gone 80% of the way, it is time to start wrapping up, leaving the audience with something tangible they can take with them and a warm fuzzy feeling of understanding. It’s okay if some bits in the middle are difficult, as long as the beginning and ending are friendly!