Markdown slideshow with Reveal.js in NixOS

Posted in category nixos on 2017-10-16

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mdslider is here to help produce a nice slides with plain markdown. It will be interesting to those not so interested in fiddling with raw html or javascript. It is based on Reveal.js and created as a NixOS package.


Building and installing mdslider is as easy as running following commands on your NixOS:

To check that you got it properly installed, just run mdslider in your shell - you should see the following output:


  mdslider ./out 8080 sky concave "Super cool slides"

Supported themes: beige, black, blood, league, moon, night, serif, simple, sky, solarized, white
Supported transitions: none, fade, slide, convex, concave, zoom

That indicates that mdslider is ready to serve your first slide deck now.

Starting the slideshow

Now, let’s create and start your first slide deck with mdslider! You will need to use ===== on its own line for horizontal slides, and ----- - for vertical slides. Let’s assume you have you markdown file created now, In order to start the slideshow with mdslider you will need to run the following command:

It will start a very simple http server that will serve all the necessary content from just generated ./out folder. Simply navigate to and observe how cool Reveal.js is and how little you need to fiddle with raw html and javascript.

And you can keep editing your file in its original location - you will just need to refresh the browser after you saved your changes.